After almost 30 years, the historic old seafaring school in Wustrow on the Fischland Darß is coming back to life. After the renovation, 138 modern holiday apartments were created, which will make the heart of every baltic visitor beat faster. TeamHoff GmbH accompanied the project from the very beginning.

According to the customer’s request, two different apartment styles were developed, “beach house” and “yacht club”. The colors and shapes are inspired by the surrounding natural landscape. The equipment and the specially developed design concept of each apartment let the visitor „arrive“. It goes without saying that the furniture has been developed in such a way that it can with stand high loads and offer outstanding comfort. TeamHoff GmbH was commissioned to deliver all loose furniture.

Zwei Wasser Alte Seefahrtschule Wustrow, modern furniture in Bedroom

In order to implement the project, TeamHoff GmbH personally looked after all deliveries, contracts, unpacking and professionally set up the around 5000 indoor and outdoor furniture.

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