For the furnishing of the object to be realised, you also want a high-quality and reliable result. Having TeamHoff GmbH at your side is an important first step towards this. As experienced design managers with a full-service offer, we understand how to organise your project holistically and achieve individual, custom-fit solutions. Whether outdoors or indoors, customisation according to specific customer requirements is our strength.

After joint product development, you will receive an offer from TeamHoff that is exclusively tailored to your project. Finally, we equip your object and ensure that your vision takes on an impressive form.

Good room planning is based on individual style and emphasises the three components of function, arrangement and furnishing.

With your ideas and concepts, we develop an interior design that reflects the heart of your company.

furniture with character.


The peculiarities of the requirements for equipment in the marine sector, both indoor and outdoor, should always be respected, but in no way influence the design to the detriment. Therefore, we observe the nautical regulations and still take care of the entire conception of the design of the project planning. This is always specifically tailored to your wishes.

Custom made products are our specialty, these are especially in the field of ship equipment in focus. Whether special dimensions and a special design, we ensure that their ideas are turned into reality.

In the strangeness of the ocean, we make you feel more at home with our equipment.


When welcoming, your guest decides within a short moment whether they feel safe and comfortable. That is why both design and comfort are essential for a hotel. After all, the visual aspect determines the first impression, which is decisive for sympathy and a sense of well-being. For this reason, with the help of the experience and expertise of our staff, we create a design tailored to your requirements and ideas. Our selected products meet high quality standards.

Depending on your wishes, we jointly agree on the scope and guide you through the strategy development and project planning for the indoor and outdoor area. We always work with a high degree of precision to ensure that guests feel comfortable throughout the hotel from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave and are happy to return.

We plan the project design in detail so that the implementation can be carried out without complications and you can rely on us as a competent partner.


You create the rooms and we furnish them. In addition to special custom designs, we offer a selection of existing collections from exclusive European manufacturers. For both special ship furnishings and hotel interiors, we offer exclusive designs and project support. Organisational and technical expertise give us the necessary „know-how“ and qualify us as a competent partner when it comes to your interior design in the contract sector. All models in our collection are suitable for the contract sector and convince through design and quality.

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