A landmark of Rügen shines in new splendour. For more than 100 years, the Kurhaus Binz has been the first address for excellent hospitality on the Baltic Sea island. Now it fascinates with a fresh, light and elegant design. Light colours and clear lines convey tranquillity and a Baltic Sea atmosphere. Equipped by our outdoor collections New Port, Diamond, Alexa and Icon, guests enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea from the terrace. Welcome at Travelcharme Binz

The frame and fabric colours reflect the modern Baltic Sea feeling and create an initial impression of lightness and relaxation as soon as you arrive. The Quickdry foam used is extremely permeable to air and water thanks to its special open-pored cell structure. As a result, the material dries very quickly and can be used again after a very short time, even in inconsistent, wet Baltic Sea weather. In addition, waterproof fabrics are used in the production of the upholstery material to prevent water from penetrating.

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Outdoor furniture must be able to withstand many challenges, so all our fabrics are naturally UV and sea water resistant. Due to the versatile product properties, the maintenance of the furniture requires very little effort. If desired, we can of course also supply custom-fit protective covers.


Frame: Teak
Braiding: pepple 3R05
Cushion: Wheat C601
Side Table Elite S
Frame: Lava
Frame: Lava
Braiding: Charcoal 4R03
with cushion Combo 4
Top: Teak
Frame: Lava

Frame: Lava
Seat: Alu Slats

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Frame: Lava
Top: Alu Slats

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